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Affton Alumni Theatre presents
a world premiere
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Scott Miller
based on an actual court case, Island Trees School District v. Pico
July 26-27, 1985
Affton Senior High School Theatre, St. Louis

Based on one of the most important book banning cases in U.S. history, The Line explores the personal conflicts and powder keg emotions behind a simple act that snowballed into a U.S. Supreme Court case, Island Trees School District v. Pico. A small group of parents in a quiet suburban town break into their kids' high school library one night to remove "objectionable" books they've found on a list from a national conservative parents group. When their kids find out, the town is soon split in two – and so are some of the families – and the kids end up taking their parents and their school district all the way to the Supreme Court.

Max – Ann Pierce
Kevin Stratton – Todd Ryan
Steven Stratton – Ron Kenney
Linda Stratton – Cindy Keck
Lisa T…