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New Line Theatre presents
the world premiere
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Scott Miller
Oct.12-Nov. 4, 2006
ArtLoft Theatre, St. Louis

Purchase the script here.
Purchase the vocal selections here.

Johnny Appleweed, itinerant philosopher-stoner, is on his way to Washington D.C. to tell the President he's screwing up our country and he should stop that! Over the course of the first act, Johnny meets up with a Christian-Republican closet-case, a lesbian performance artist, Jesus Christ himself, and a perky former televangelist. In Act II, this quirky gang of five finally meets the President and they set about trying to convince him to change his political ways. Through the lens of a pot-friendly worldview, the show takes aim at American party politics, the War on Terror, poverty, our American culture of violence, gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana, sexual oppression, and increasingly rabid American religious fanaticism, all …