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HEAD GAMES (non-musical)

Out of Line Proudctions presents
the world premiere by Scott Miller
St. Marcus Theatre, St. Louis, Aug.5-28, 1999
Lillian Theatre, Los Angeles, April 6-May 27, 2001
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2002
Strawberry Theatre, London, Feb. 12-March 1, 2003

Purchase the script here.

It's Michael's thirty-fifth birthday, and his friends are coming over to celebrate, for better or worse, as he grieves over his advancing age in a youth-obsessed culture, and also over his inability to find a smart gay comedy with nudity to fill his small theatre company's bank account. And his late-arriving surprise birthday present will just make it all worse. Much worse.

Head Games takes pot shots at many aspects of pop culture at the turn of the new century, but also at itself, questioning the artistic value of the genre into which it fits. But it also doubles back on itself structurally, playing the story out of chronology -- so that as Act II opens, you realize that much of what you t…